Neighborhood Workday this Saturday 04/24 9am - 1pm
Hello neighbors!

Please join us this Saturday morning for a neighborhood workday! From 9am to 1pm, we are asking for volunteers to help us spread fresh mulch in the playground area, clean up trash around the common areas and creek, and help pick up large sticks and objects to make the areas safer for our children and friends.

Mulch will be delivered on Friday, the day before, in the parking lot. Please move your vehicles if you tend to park there so the truck has plenty of room to safely drop the mulch. 

We need strong arms, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, and anything you think could help us with the cleanup effort!

There is a chance of rain for Saturday, so if anyone is able to get ahead and begin cleanup efforts before Saturday, that would be much appreciated!

Please meet at the clubhouse parking lot. Refreshments will be provided. The more we have to help, the quicker we can finish the job!